This is a discussion between a student and the instructor. I am required to repl

This is a discussion between a student and the instructor. I am required to reply to this in a minimum of 100 words without any references:In the modern digital world, the tendency to discard print media can be done easily. But the print media according to me is still alive and is more relevant and potent in this digital age than ever before. Let us discuss why print media is still useful in this digital era. Print is trustworthy and helps to reach the target market. Print media is also an engaging one as well as tangible in nature. Print media is the one which gives high return on investment. The current trends in print media can be described as follows. To enhance the print experience, magazine apps and QR codes are launched by many publishers which thus connects print media with digital technology. There are different ways in which print media can benefit from different technology. They are ease of use and reliability, personalized print on demand with low inventory, enhanced technology to streamline workflow, integrating print with online marketing to increase return on investment, wider variety of products and services available more than ever before. Print media also could use mobile technology or social media platforms to promote themselves. XXX*Hello XXX, good points here. Unfortunately, a lot of print media are in decline. I heard a story a while ago about a younger student getting into books only to learn he meant an ‘app.’The younger generations will have a completely different experience with ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ in the future. I asked in an earlier week if we (society) would one day be completely paperless and the younger generations will be the ones that take us there! There are 5 and 6 year olds who have never used ‘paper’ and as they grow up will not even understand what ‘print’ materials means except what they learn in school.As we move forward with technology we will likely see more digital and virtual platforms that will be as common for those who use them in the future as newspaper were in the past!Don and class – What do you think?
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