The Social HistoryPurpose of Assignment: Students required to interview someone

The Social HistoryPurpose of Assignment: Students required to interview someone and write the first section of a social history, consistently writing in third-person using neutral and objective language.Transferable Skill: Information LiteracyRecognizing when information is needed and possessing the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information. Information literacy begins with good writing skills. Human services workers will be called upon to evaluate scenarios and provide supporting documentation and find the information necessary to provide effective service delivery.Instructions:For this written assignment you are being asked to submit the introductory section of a social history as provided in the Word document link. To complete this assignment, you will need to interview a real person. The person you interview will become your “pretend client.”Your best choice in selecting someone to interview is to find a person who is facing current life struggles. The person you interview must be willing to provide information. Protect your pretend client’s confidentiality.Social History Section As a guideline as to the formatting and information that should be addressed in each section.Make sure that you write in third-person language consistently.
Report the facts only, without interpretation and or personal commentary.
Address all the content required content including the use of subtitles to identify each section of the history. (Do not include the italicized prompts in your subtitles, as those prompts are only there to remind you what to include in the content).
Submit in a single-space type using clear and concise grammar and spelling mechanics.
Requirements: 2-3pages

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