The purpose of assessment in the special education process is to collect informa

The purpose of assessment in the special education process is to collect information and make decisions about and for a student. Once a student has been determined eligible for special education services, there are many things to consider before the IEP team meets and begins writing the IEP. To better prepare for this next step, it will be helpful to have some sort of guide to ensure that nothing gets missed.Create a 375- to 600-word checklist that outlines the factors to consider when planning an educational program and determining placement for a student with intellectual and developmental disabilities and TBI. Such as accomodations/modifications, current placement etc.Include at least 10 items.Include a justification for why each factor is important and should be considered in the checklist. Further Explanation of Assignment CompletionThis resource is a checklist, not an essay, to share/use with your colleagues/peers as you look at the process of planning for testing/observation/IEP, and what the student will need to be successful in school. Create the resource so it can be readily available, and useable, when preparing for the a meeting. Take into consideration all of the people who work with or will work with the student and what they might need to use. Do not use any previously created document, whether it is from your school, or another course you’ve taken.You may create a chart, bullet list, etc. to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. This is preferred.Do not use PowerPoint or any other presentation-style document. This should be created to use/distribute at the table.Must Include in-text citations
Requirements: 375-600 words

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