The first task is to pick a topic of your project. Identify a real-world problem

The first task is to pick a topic of your project. Identify a real-world problem within the scope below that a mobile app might be able to solve. You need to brainstorm a lot through thinking about the difficulties people experience in various contexts that a properly designed mobile app can solve.1. You decide what topic to work on. Don’t try to create yet another app that does what many others already do. Be creative! 2. Target user: The target user needs to be very specific (age, gender, socio-economic status, occupation, etc.) Also, the target user population should be accessible. For instance, do not decide to work with people with dementia or people with visual impairments unless you have access to them. In P3, you will have to recruit some of this population. 3. Problem: The problem should be very specific as well as creative, realistic, and solvable through a mobile application.For instance, you don’t want to work on helping older adults healthy, which is too broad. Be more specific by saying what aspect of “health” you are targeting to help. Picking a specific target user first and thinking about the problems they experience might help. Noted that : No meetup, buddy-finding, activity/calorie/food tracking apps. Please do not pick a problem associated with finding people of interest or self-tracking. Many students who picked these topics ended up creating a copy of Facebook, Meetup, MyFitnesspal, or Weight watcher apps. Not only do these topics lack fun/interesting aspects, but also your outcomes will lack creativity. Don’t waste your semester making something that already exists.Submit a two-paragraph (or longer, about 1 page) description of your problem statement to Canvas by addressing the followings: Who are the target users?
What is the context where the problem happens?
What is the problem?
Why does the problem happen?
Why is it an important problem to solve?
Why would a smartphone be a proper solution (e.g., why not a website)?
Requirements: two-paragraph (or longer, about 1 page)

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