required to submit a three-page report about a topic related to common condition

required to submit a three-page report about a topic related to common conditions encountered in pregnancy. The topics for random selection include: BP, gestational diabetes, pre-gestational diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, asthma, seasonal allergies, depression, psychiatric disease, epilepsy, DVT, constipation & heartburn, varicose veins, stretch marks, skin and hair.In your report, make sure to include the following:1) A description of the pathophysiology of the condition.2) Characterization of signs and symptoms patients will experience as they have the condition. 3) The appropriate diagnosis approach to the condition including tests, lab values and any imaging procedures (if any). 4) A non-pharmacologic management approach to such condition.5) A pharmacologic management approach to such condition.6) Appropriate counseling points (about medications or any additional points) needed to be supplied by you the pharmacist.Your assignment is to be typed using a Word document, should be no longer than 3 pages long, can use phrases instead of full sentences to save space, use a Times New Roman font type and a font size of 11-12 is acceptable. An extra cover page containing your names, ID number and the topic you are covering is also needed. Include a separate last page for the references. Your work needs to be referenced with textbooks (see course outline for suggestions), journals, guidelines, the scholarly Internet, etc. Include your references at the point where the information is pertinent. This needs to be ACCURATE and in the right format. A total of at least 5 references are required.assignment example is below in attachment And reference formatting is below twoPlease change the topic for the example and don’t copy from it
Requirements: Long and meaningful

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