RDG/570: Curriculum Const And Assmt: Reading And Lang Arts For SpeWk 2 – Overvie

RDG/570: Curriculum Const And Assmt: Reading And Lang Arts For SpeWk 2 – Overview of Reading Assessment 1-Page Visual [due Mon]Assignment ContentNOTE: If providing a link to the completed 1-page visual for the assignment, make sure to post a working link without authentication or logging in needed to access the assignment. Create a 1-page graphic organizer, infographic, multimedia poster, or other visual to summarize READING assessment. Note: You may choose a delivery medium from the Technology Resource Library to create a 1-Page visual or use another medium as approved by your instructor. Some possibilities include Glogster, Piktochart, Popplet, and Smore.Include the following types of READING assessments and brief descriptions in your visual: Literacy benchmark assessment tools
Informal reading assessments used to identify a learner’s strengths, weaknesses, and reading level
Explanation of formative and summative reading assessments, including a description of when to use it in the classroom
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.Include APA formatted in-text citations from the course readings and, if additional research is needed, use professional educational research sources from the university library database rather than Google searches.
Use the requirements above to create headings.
Include reference citations in APA format at the bottom of your 1-page visual.
Submit your assignment.
Requirements: 1 page

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