plz give to me separately1. Write a short essay (at least 3 paragraphs – a parag

plz give to me separately1. Write a short essay (at least 3 paragraphs – a paragraph is comprised of between 3-5 complete sentences) from the perspective of your computer introducing your computer and yourself to the class and the Professor. You should address many topics including:Technical aspects such as:Manufacturer (Dell, HP, or Mac)
Laptop or desktop
RAM installed
Hard Drive capacity
Operating system
Installed Drives
Internet Connection
Web Cam?
Usage aspects such as:Favorite programs usedGames – which ones?
Office Suite – Word. Excel, PPT, Publisher, etc
Internet Surfing patterns and what are the favorite sites?
Social Networking favorite sites
Other aspects such as:Time spent on the computer each day
State of your computer (clean keyboard, soda making keys sticky?)
Age of computer (old, new, need of service?)
Places computer has traveled? Often or not?
Where your computer lives
Battery Life
Backlit keyboard
Size in inches or cm
What type of carrying case?
2. GREAT IDEAS IN COMPUTER SCIENCEGreat ideas come from great thinkers. In computing, great thinkers are recognized by the prestigious Turing Award, which is given annually by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). For this assignment, you will write a short summary (4-5 paragraphs, approx.. one and a half pages) on the life and ideas of one Turing Award recipient.Individual:You will be each assigned a specific year. Determine the Turing Award winner(s) for that year, and write a summary that gives a brief biography of the winner, their great idea and its impact on computing and society. Include proper references (at least 1 – you may use APA or MLA format; please remember that MLA or APA require a works cited page as well as in-text citations.). While you will need to use the resources below, do not copy directly. Please use your own words to describe the winner’s great idea and it’s impact. Resources:Lists of Turing Award recipients can be found at (Links to an external site.)
Requirements: each one 4 paragraphs

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