my group chose the topic – nurse burnout and how it effects patient outcomesI ch

my group chose the topic – nurse burnout and how it effects patient outcomesI chose the Orem theoryInitial post Each small group selects one major clinical practice challenge.
Select this small group topic early, so all have time to respond.Each student will identify a different nursing theory that applies to this topic and how that theory affects your individualized assessment, targeted intervention, and measurable specific outcomes. At least 2 grand theories (e.g., Orem, Neuman, Johnson, King, Roy, etc.) and 3 middle range nursing theories (e.g., Benner, Pender, Leininger, Mishel, etc.) must be selected. Use the discussion board to state your selected theory ahead of time. WE WANT NO DUPLICATION OF THEORY TO OCCUR.
Each student should provide a primary source article in which the theory is described and a current primary research study to support the importance of the major practice challenge (doesn’t have to test the theory selected). Your textbook may not be used as a primary source reference for theory.
For the initial posting, students need to include:Purpose of the theory, major concepts and relationship statements and usefulness. Describe the major concepts and relationship statements between concepts applicable to your group topic. Provide a succinct description of the theory (Prefer less than 1000 words).
Include conceptual and operational definitions and specific linkages of concepts that are applicable to the relationship statements/propositions you plan to apply to your group’s selected topic. One or two relationship statements suffice. If the definitions of concepts are not provided or relationship statements not specifically stated by the theorist state this.
Make sure the relationship statements and major concepts of your theory are paraphrased in your own words. To simply copy this information from one source to another does not allow faculty to assess your understanding of the assignment nor your ability to paraphrase information at a graduate level. This is true for all discussion post assignments this semester.
Level of the theory (e.g., grand, middle, or practice)
Specific intervention you plan based on the theory concepts and relationship statement(s) you select to apply to your group topic. Refer to Module 3: Session 4 Theory Driven Intervention
Describe specifically how your intervention fits with the theory guiding your intervention.How will you specifically measure the specific theory concept and assess if the planned intervention worked? Example: if your concept is self-efficacy, what scale will be used to determine if this was improved (e.g., may be a published scale that fits with your population or something you create). Need two references for each post that are in correct APA 7th edition format.
One primary article or book that was written by the theorist that describes the theory.One current primary research article that supports the intervention you describe to address the topic selected.Example of a potential small group topic: Self-care management education intervention to reduce blood glucose in male patients between the ages of 18 and 25 who are newly diagnosed with type I diabetes. Possible theories to consider for this topic listed directly above. Students don’t have to select these if others are more appropriate. Orem – grand theory
Roy – grand theory
Pender – middle range
Leininger – middle range
Mishel – middle range
Second postOnce this posting is made by each student, you must each respond to another student’s post.Provide two scholarly references to support your response. Examples of critical discussion include:Comparing your post and your peer’s post, how did theories differ in the guidance provided to design interventions and address the topic?
Were there any major limitations with the theory selected by your peer?
Each posting is to be in the Correct APA format.
Initial post: 9/19/21 at 11:55 p.m. ESTFinal post: 9/26/21 at 11:55 p.m. ESTClick the three dots at the top of the assignment to view the rubric.
Requirements: Long enough to match the rubric   |   .doc file

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