Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need support to help me learn. Include as much information as you need to thoroughly answer the questions. This is a seek-and-find challenge.1. If you are a regulated entity, may you report (disclose) problems you find in your workplace? What sort of steps would this involve? What is the program called? How long do you have to voluntary report a violation? Where did you find this information? 2. In How We Monitor Compliance, you read about what an Inspection is, now explain how an inspection might be conducted at some place that you have worked (no names needed, just the basic business type: retail, construction, manufacturing, lawn mowing, school, etc.) or imagine where you plan to work someday. Set the stage with your work type, then list what sort of things a general inspection might involve.3. What is different about a Civil Investigation?4. Where would you find a Compliance Assistance Center for Colleges and Universities? How about for Hospitals? What about document assistance for Lead? How about for Waste? 5. The Audit Protocols listed several regulations. Write out what the initials stand for in the following abbreviations and include a web address for each: a. CERCLA = b. CWA = c. EPCRA = d. FIFRA = e. RCRA = f. SWDA = g. TSCA =You will get used to all these abbreviations as the semester progresses.6. Post a reply to at least one classmate’s post. Aim for at least 50 words. I realize there’s not much to comment on question 5, but for the others you could share what you found if it was different. For question 2, it is specific to your own experiences, so you could compare.EPA Compliance homepage
How we monitor compliance (EPA)
EPA’s eDisclosure
EPA’s Audit Policy
Audit Protocols (EPA)
Cape Town Crisis Averted as of June 2018 (7:06 min.)
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