Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need support to help me

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need support to help me learn.Collaborations if done correctly can have positive impact on people’s life. One of the main aim of collaborations is to secure good access to resources.Lebanon is one of the country that is currently undergoingsevere problem in the access to resources due to several political, economic and social complexities. In 750 words, and with reference to B325 course material and external resources, provide an action plan on how Lebanon can overcome such situation through collaboration while focusing on the bases for collaborative advantage and building efficient supply chain networks. Hint (VERY IMPORTANT)• To answer the query of this question, you need to refer to a definition of thesix bases for collaborative advantage. You also need to define supply chain network and its importance and focus particularly on the management of supply chain network. • You clearly need to refer to the Lebanese case. You need to explain the current status quo of the Lebanese case RELATED TO ACCESS TO RESOURCES and consequently provide recommendations on probable collaborations that can be done by clearly discussing the bases that can/should be achieved and consequently identifying the needed supply chains that need to be created and how they need to be managed. YOU NEED TO REFER TO EXTERNAL RESOURCES FOR THIS PART AND NOT BASE YOUR DISCUSSION ON PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE. • Your answer needs to be based consequently on relevant B325 course material, and relevant external resources related to the Lebanese case. • Your discussion needs to be supported with relevant references from B325 course material, case of your choice, and addition external resources you have referred to. • Your discussion needs to be in an essay format (introduction, body and conclusion).
Requirements: 750

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