In Pre-Renaissance times GUILDS controlled the creation of arts and crafts. Modu

In Pre-Renaissance times GUILDS controlled the creation of arts and crafts. Module TWO touched on the role of ARTISANS in the service of an elite class who could afford to commission objects and crafts.After reading the content module two, and doing your own independent research, I’d like to know your views role of the craft guilds.In your opinion, do you think the GUILDS helped the growth of local economies, improve the lives of guild members and the social fabric of their communities by securing wages and contracts,or did GUILDS restrict innovation by imposing regulations and limiting competition?OK, Some things to consider when you try to frame your answer:What was the original purpose of the guilds?
What was the job of an apprentice?
What was the job of a journeyman?
Why did the guilds want to control the price of goods?
Prior to GUILDS, Did artisans have any power, were artisans just slaves in ancient times or valued master artists and craftsmen serving the elite monied class, priests and autocracies?
Why did guilds wish to reduce or eliminate competition?
Why did the guilds wish to standardize the quality of goods?
In what ways were GUILDS restrictive in regards to Who could be allowed into the GUILD?
This is your graded Written Assignment for Week TWO. Just type in the text blocks below. You do not need to upload docs or pdfs. ( Tho it’s a good idea to write in a word doc and then copy your text here) A prompt answer of about 500 words is sufficient. You do not need to write a long essay, but do write in full paragraphs, with thoughtful and personal reflection of the week’s Canvase content.I do encourage you to do outside additional research, and if you do, please cite resources.
Requirements: explain

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