HCL-3020-M50 – Healthcare InformaticsChapter Four Objectives:Assess how the trad

HCL-3020-M50 – Healthcare InformaticsChapter Four Objectives:Assess how the traditional structure of healthcare organizations defines the design of the information system and supports the traditional clinical function
Apply the concepts of standardization of work to clinical decision making
Conceptualize the design of a health system that achieves optimal clinical outcomes tailored to individuals patients
You will need to complete specific assignments. The pattern listed below will be required this week.Read Chapter 4 and review the Power Point. Will be sending the power point and chapter Chapter 4: Case Study Questions Not All Innovation Is Created Equal in the Transition to Value-Based Care InstructionsWhat is the range of forces and values in a fee-for-service business model that might diminish or conflict with a value-based model?You must provide the page number for which you found your answer, points will be deducted if this information is not provided ….This assignment will count for 55 points. YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD THE BOOK TO VIEW CHAPTER4 https://dokumen.pub/health-informatics-a-systems-p…
Requirements: lengthy but not long long

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