Hal Martinsen entered a retail store and attempted to leave with an expensive le

Hal Martinsen entered a retail store and attempted to leave with an expensive leather jacket concealed under the large coat he was wearing. When the security guard attempted to stop Hal, he punched and threatened the guard. The security guard was eventually able to restrain Hal until law enforcement arrived. Hal was placed under arrest for robbery. Hal has been in custody for 90 days, and pleads guilty to robbery, with the understanding that he will not be sentenced to prison. However, he could be if he does not follow the conditions set by the court.Hal is 26 years old. He was first involved in the criminal justice system at age 12 on a verdict for assault. At the time, the juvenile probation department performed a home study and a socio-psychological evaluation. Hal had parents and family with criminal backgrounds and substance abuse issues that contributed to a lack of supervision for Hal. He was placed on probation for 12 months. During the term of his juvenile probation, Hal was arrested for criminal trespass to property and disorderly conduct, and he had a small amount of Marijuana in his possession. Hal’s probation was revoked but he was reinstated on probation for a term of 24 months that he successfully completed. The offense for which Hal is currently being sentenced is his third adult conviction. He has prior adult convictions for burglary and misdemeanor auto theft. He successfully completed probation for those offenses three years ago. Hal is referred to the probation department for his presentence investigation and recommendations. These recommendations are given to the courts that impose them on Hal. The corrections system responds to these recommendations by the courts.InstructionsAs the probation officer and part of the corrections system, what criminology theories would fit the causes of Hal’s crimes? Explain your selected opinion on these theories with supporting evidence. What would you recommend for Hal, given the information that you learned through this scenario?Answer the following questions in a paper1000 words, not including the title or reference page), using examples from the scenario. Use summarized and/or paraphrased evidence/research, such as facts and expert opinions on the theories and reasons you chose. Use professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics as well as proper citations for your sources.What theory should the corrections system relate to Hal’s behavior that would support rehabilitation and a reduction of future crimes? What facts support the theory of corrections to be applied?
What questions do you need answered to decide whether Hal should be given incarceration (jail or prison), a diversion program, probation, community service, or some combination of those options? Explain your answer.
What would your recommendation be and why?
What is your assessment of the risk of re-offense? What causes of deviant behavior do you identify that could potentially be a concern for recidivism?
How can understanding theory support correctional decisions to respond to and/or prevent further criminal behavior and recidivism?
Requirements: 1000

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