For this assignment you are asked to perform an analysis on the current situatio

For this assignment you are asked to perform an analysis on the current situation in your district. To accomplish this you must create a PowerPoint approximately 10-12 slides in length (or other form of a presentation) that explains the problem clearly and details the following:Identify an area of concern in your current situation or one with which you are familiar. Data, research, or both must support this problem and should be relevant to the skills necessary for 21st century learners. For instance, you may review standardized test data, attendance data, or other data made available by your district or your state’s Department of Education to identify this problem. If you see deficiencies in mathematics, you might argue that learners for the 21st century must be competent in STEM to support the needs of society. You may also explore an ongoing problem that can be supported by research instead. For instance, you might identify the need to integrate technology into the curriculum for 21st century learners, yet in your district this is not taking place. If you believe that not enough teachers are using technology to support instruction, you can present research that illustrates the need to integrate technology into classrooms for 21st learners and make a statement about approximately how many teachers are not using it in your district. Clearly present this information to define the existing problem. If using data, be sure to include a clear graphic representation.
Present at least 3 strategies you might use to improve the problem. These solutions may be curriculum based, instruction based, or both.
Present any projected positive outcomes you believe the changes may bring.
Be creative, clear, and compelling. Adhere to the general guidelines for quality presentations. Consideration of your audience is paramount.
Requirements: 10-15 slides   |   .ppt file

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