For this assignment, I will be using Friends Helping Friends Inc. based out of E

For this assignment, I will be using Friends Helping Friends Inc. based out of Elberton Georgia. Use this website and you can google. more…Learning objectives associated with this assignmentThis report assignment is associated with the first three-module learning objectives – Foundation, Governance/leadership, and Performance.Sources for the assignmentYou may find a local nonprofit organization: (1) ask people around you, (2) local Chamber of Commerce office – they have a list of nonprofit organizations in their area (see their website, for example, Carroll County –, (3) Nonprofit organization data centers:Georgia Center for Nonprofits:
National Center for Charitable Statistics:
Instructions for this AssignmentFor module 3 assignment, you will choose a (local) nonprofit organization (501(c)3). It should not be a church or a religious organization. However, a nonprofit organization that is associated with a religious organization would be fine for this assignment. Prepare a report for the following contents:Organization name and location: i. 501c3 status; ii. Not a church or a religious organization; iii. Not a university or college campus organization (e.g., fraternity, sorority, university foundation); iv. Ideally it should be located near your location so that you can visit
History and background (how it started): i. Identify and connect their story of compassion to their mission; ii. How it started and has grown
Governance: CEO, Board members, Staff, and organizational structure: i. Who is the founder(s)?ii. Who is the current CEO?iii. Who are the Board members? Any characteristics?iv. What does the organizational structure look like?
Functions (programs) and services: i. Describe their programs and services
Submission FormatThe report should be at least four pages long (double-spaced) with Times New Roman 12 font, not including cover page and references.The space of tables or figures is not counted toward the minimum page requirement. The margin should be one inch all around. No extra space between paragraphs. No grammatical error or typo. Any sources used should be properly cited in APA style and format.File Submissions: Please submit your files as a Microsoft Word document (DOCX).
Requirements: 4-5 pages double spaced

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