Assignment Overview Jimmy is homeless. He often lives on the street and does n

Assignment Overview Jimmy is homeless. He often lives on the street and does not bathe often. When Jimmy can, he stays in shelters. However, they have sobriety rules, and Jimmy has violated those rules often, so he gets kicked out, making it harder to get back in again. He has not had an apartment or home to call his own since he left his parents’ house. Jimmy has been arrested multiple times. Usually for minor offenses like burglary, theft, drugs, or public disorder. He uses alcohol and drugs to cope with the depression that he is usually feeling. While Jimmy sometimes thinks about suicide, he has not overtly acted upon those feelings, rather he will usually drink or do drugs until he passes out. Jimmy feels that the world is not fair and no matter what he does he ends up in trouble or broke. Jimmy has gone to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narc Anon on multiple occasions. He has never taken it seriously and never gone for very long. Jimmy has tried to work different jobs, but he has never been able to keep a job. Jimmy starts a job with good intentions, but soon something will happen to cause Jimmy to feel like the other workers are against him. Then Jimmy starts to argue and not work well with the others. Typically, the other employees are unsure why Jimmy acts out; they liked him when he first started but grow fed up with him yelling and acting disrespectful. Jimmy will then start drinking or doing drugs to help himself feel better. While he is drinking, he thinks he can better decide what to do as things seem to make more sense to him. Jimmy is in another one of his down moods. He does not have a job and has no money to get drunk or high. Jimmy grabs a knife and decides he is going to go get some money. Jimmy puts the knife in his pocket. He tells himself he will not really use it but needs it to get money. Jimmy goes to the edge of a local park. He sees someone walking alone on a path. The person is dressed nice and looks like they would have some money. Jimmy walks up behind the person and pulls out his knife. Jimmy grabs the person from behind and demands money. The person turns around quickly, startling Jimmy. Jimmy starts running away. As he is running across the park, Jimmy sees a police officer. Jimmy hears people yelling “that’s him” and pointing in his direction. The police officer shouts at Jimmy to stop. Jimmy does not want to stop, because he is scared; he just wants to get away. Jimmy is still holding the knife in his hand. Jimmy sees the police officer pull out his gun and yell at Jimmy to stop. Jimmy stops. His arms are down at his sides. Jimmy is thinking about how his whole life has been a failure. Jimmy does not want to go back to prison. Jimmy stands there holding the knife, arms at his side, contemplating whether he should he run, give up, or let the officer shoot him and end his misery. Instructions Answer the following questions in a paper (1000 words), not including the title or reference page), using examples from the scenario. Use summarized and/or paraphrased evidence/research, such as facts and expert opinions on the theories and reasons you chose. Use professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics as well as proper citations for your sources. Evaluate which criminological perspective identifies the criminogenic factors that Jimmy is experiencing? Does an integrated theory best describe his situation?
Analyze how public health can work with law enforcement to respond to Jimmy’s social and psychological influences in his current situation AND how they can work together to prevent these types of criminal issues.
If Jimmy gets arrested, how can the courts partner with public health and social services to address his social and psychological issues as well as reduce the chance that he will recidivate?
Requirements: 700

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