After reading Chapter 2 (States), answer separately in your own words(paraphrasi

After reading Chapter 2 (States), answer separately in your own words(paraphrasing when needed) two of the following questions. Then, reply to three classmates’ threads.Questions: How do countries create and maintain political order?
What are Weber’s three forms of political legitimacy? Is one of them more associated with the modern state than the others? Briefly describe how each form of legitimacy is represented in the U.S. government.
How is power typically divided in a federal system? What conditions in a country are most likely to lead to a system of asymmetric federalism?
Do you live under a weak or strong state? How do the concepts of autonomy and capacity help in thinking about the categories of strong and weak?
Threaded Discussion Requirements:You are required to answer two of my questions, thus starting two new discussion threads for other students to reply. Each answer to my questions should be in at least 300 words, totaling 600 words for both answers.Greetings or compliments will not be counted toward the length requirement of each thread.
Each answer should be posted separately.Thus, you should have two separate threads for each discussion.
Both answers to my questions should be posted by no later than Friday of the discussion week.This is done to provide you sufficient time to reply to your classmates’ answers.
You are required to use the textbook as the primary course of information.External source may be used to enrich your responses; however, such use should be secondary.
Your answers should demonstrate to me that you have both engaged and critically thought about the readings.
You are required to reply to at least three other students’ main responses-threads.Each reply to your classmates’ threads should be in at least 100 words, totaling at least 300 words for all three replies.Each reply should be substantial and discuss related ideas or concepts
Greetings or compliments will not be counted toward the length requirement of each thread or reply.
You are required to provide in-text citations and references in the 6th edition of the APA writing format.
In-text citations for the textbooks or any other source of information should include (1) the author last name(s), (2) publication year, and (3) page number (s)., e. (O’Neil 2017, p. 37).
Click HERE for help with APA in-text citations and references. See also the video below.
Click HERE for Three Most Common Mistakes Students Make with APA Format
Click HERE for Help with Quoting and Paraphrasing
Click HERE for Help with How To Reference a Webpage
Plagiarism will not be tolerated. I will frequently put suspicious discussions through Turnitin.
Students with plagiarized discussions will automatically receive a failing grade (FF) for the course.
Use the following Grading Rubric for guidance with your discussion. REFERENCE NEEDS TO BE FROM BOOK.
Requirements: 600 words

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